May 2nd, 2007

Bean me!

Danger! Danger!

I just filled out my first Previews order in six to seven years, give or take.

And I'm squeeing.

Dork levels reaching dangerously high levels.

Added dorkness: I am taking my camera to get a picture of the store, because I feel I need evidence.



*dances around with comics that aren't more than a few hours old in his hands!!*

Seriously, having a comic store in a relatively 'local' manner, having a pull box, and regular visits?

I can not put into words how fucking giddy this makes me.

I know it's silly.

And I. Do. Not. CARE.



And it looks like a damned good week too. Lots of seemingly awesome comics, and many of my faves. If She Hulk had come out this week (Hey, she's got appearances in two other books I got though, so close enough?) it would have been a damned near perfect comics haul.

Failing that, some Jean would've been nice.

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