April 26th, 2007

Bean me!

Mysterious Ways

So, what was that earlier post about?

Why am I giggling? Smiling?

No, I didn't get dipsmooched by a redhead.

I do have a copy of the latest Previews which just came out today in comic stores.

So, today it would appear that I travelled to a comic store, and for some reason, brought home a book for order comics, when I get all that info online.

Could it be?

Yes, it could!

By the power of Quesada!



The owner and I chatted for quite awhile, since my parents knew I would be awhile, and they could do some of their other errands. He hates Quitely, loves Greg Land, misses CrossGen... Ahhh, it's like coming home.


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Who makes Grant Morrison a Star? WE DO!

* `Falstaff guffaws at YouTube. I won't paste the link -- I know Foe and Ryss loathe the Teen Titans cartoon -- so I invite you to picture the classic George Pérez Titans singing the Stonecutters Song -- You know the one, the refrain's "WE Do!" -- from The Simpsons.
`Falstaff> It's freakin' hilarious.
Alryssa> "Who keeps Deathstroke up all night? WE DO."
Foenix> "Who gives Geoff Johns stuff to write? WE DO."
* `Falstaff also likes the thought of Roy shoving Garth off-camera to that line from the original song. "Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? WE do...."
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