April 12th, 2007


Poetic Justice

I am, of course, none other than blank verse.
I don't know where I'm going, yes, quite right;
And when I get there (if I ever do)
I might not recognise it. So? Your point?
Why should I have a destination set?
I'm relatively happy as I am,
And wouldn't want to be forever aimed
Towards some future path or special goal.
It's not to do with laziness, as such.
It's just that on the whole I'd rather not
Be bothered - so I drift contentedly;
An underrated way of life, I find.
What Poetry Form Are You?



I'm having prebuyers remorse, or something. Brain keeps debating whether or not to cancel my order for the Emma Frost statue coming out soon. I somehow want and don't want it at the same time, and there's other things I'd like to have more...

And with the item shipping in about two weeks, time grows short to decide. ;)

*bounces his head back and forth in thought*


Losing the Past

So, it looks like Lost will be cutting back on the flashbacks.

I'm not sure how I feel about that...

On the one hand, more Jack flashbacks leave me cold (Which makes me SO THRILLED to see he's getting the two hour finale flashbacks. Ugh.), but on the other, they're so much a part of the show... It set it apart from other shows, and other lost on an island shows especially.

I'm cool with keeping the flashbacks when they have a story to tell, but...but! I'm torn.

Which I guess is my state of mind today.