April 11th, 2007


Running on Empty

People talk to me about Runaways a lot.

Either saying I should read it, or wanting to know why I don't.

Short version of why is this: the art. If you're familiar with previous rants of mine, you can probably sort out why. ;)

Also, the book never quite 'grabbed' me in any significant way. On top of being about a group of villains' children just after Thunderbolts was canned, made me feel like they were trying for a more hip Thunderbolts Jr. Right or wrong, that was how I felt.

I had considered picking it up when Whedon came on board, because duh, I like Whedon. Bonus, good art from Michael Ryan, a recent fave of mine. By recent, I mean 'since before he was drawing Cable'. But then I heard he was only on for a few issues, then being replaced by another guy who's style I like even worse than who they've got now...er, pre-Ryan. And I wasn't up for picking up a new book for a few issues, then er...run away.

Anyways, this lead me around in my thoughts, and it hit me there is a guy, who's style I really love, is great for teens, is currently not doing much, if ANYthing in comics, and damn if he shouldn't be drawing Runaways. He can also keep a deadline, and do a lot of issues.

Someone at Marvel get their asses on the phone and call up Jeff "Legionnaires" Moy. The man was made to draw this book. And that would probably get me to buy it.

Let's see, that will be...four? Five? people on my friends list who know his work? ;)