April 4th, 2007



Airplane tickets? Check!

Hotel reservations? Check!

Roomies? Check(ish)! 95% check.

Press pass? Check on my part! Just have to wait for the approval.

I am all set for Operation: Atlanta Invasion - Phase Two!

Although I am sorely tempted to pick up a 2GB memory card for my camera I saw on sale this week.



Today it's a WTF subject line.

"May the big dick fairy visit you!"

I keep thinking of Kitty post-Excalibur and how a few folks on the friendslist said she had been visited by the Boob Fairy.


Jean Therapy

So, I'm looking to finally update my Jean Grey action figures website, which is in sore need of it. As well as adding the new figures, and probably my statues too, I'm debating some style updates as well.

That being said, I do like the nice, simple design. Simple is always good. But it could use a little flash. Not Flash, just some more style. ;)

Which leads me to asking you guys...what should I change, if anything, or what should I do different?