April 3rd, 2007


Department of the Bloody Obvious

Starting Daylight Savings Time several weeks early has had negligible effect on energy savings.

Which I saw coming, oh, a few years ago. I think when you don't exist on normal hours, you realise how silly some of these things can be.

If there was any energy savings, I would be more likely to attribute them to the mild winter we've had in many areas.


Woo Who!

And Torchwood too!

BBC America has confirmed that Torchwood will be added to its line up as part of the Supernatural Saturday strand. It will join Doctor Who, Hex, Life on Mars and Jekyll as part of the new programming.

Exciting news from BBC AMERICA's press department hit the wires this morning: the entire channel is undergoing a "radical makeover" later this year. The channel will now "focus exclusively on bringing U.S. audiences the very best in contemporary British programs - including a greater emphasis on our world renowned news coverage," according to our new head honcho, Garth Ancier. Lots of great acquisitions to announce, including MI-5 (Spooks to you UKers), the long-running youth soap Hollyoaks (which I love), Hotel Babylon, the new Jennifer Saunders comedy The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, and new seasons of Hex, Life On Mars, and Doctor Who.