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From the Ashes

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Saturday, March 31st, 2007
12:29a - Comics Next Week
Overall, looks like a bunch of good books, a good mix of stuff, plus, the week of long-ass titles!

52 Week #48
All-New Atom #10
Annihilation Heralds Of Galactus #2 Silver Surfer Firelord
Avengers The Initiative #1 Cover A Left Side (W/Ms Marvel)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol 2 #2 (Season 8) Regular Jo Chen Cover
Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #3 Regular Jae Lee Cover
Fall Of Cthulhu #1 Cvr A Mavlian
Fallen Son Death Of Captain America Wolverine Leinil Yu Cover
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #19
Jack Of Fables #9
Justice League Of America Vol 2 #7 Regular Cvr A
Marvel Zombies Army Of Darkness #2
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #14
New Excalibur #18
Nightwing Vol 2 #131
Omega Flight #1
Spider-Man Family #2
Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #28
Superman Batman #33
Superman Vol 3 #661
Thunderbolts Presents Zemo Born Better #3


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12:34a - Random Image Weirdness
Los Thundercats!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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7:08a - Spamalot
Today's interesting spam mail name.

Wrfgranddaughter sham.


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2:38p - TONIGHT...
I dine in the sewers!

Off to see TMNT.


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10:31p - All Your Calvins
I never quite 'got' the All Your Base hype. It was cute, but got real old, real quick.

I know some on the friendslist love it though, and this mashup is pretty damned clever.


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