March 13th, 2007


Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from 24

Lesson #613:

Visiting my institutionalised ex-wife after lying to her and endangering the country, and arguably making her more crazy than she would have been normally, is probably a bad idea.

Four episodes of Sleeper Cell, and an hour of 24 all in a row. I have terrorists crammed in my head. @.@


For the Birds


So, what do I get JUST as I wake up?

My mother has some homemade suet feeders, made with netting, fat, and seed. Well, it turns out one of the feeders has caught a bird in the netting. Frankly, I saw this coming the first time she made one, and there was one trapped yesterday, yet she persists...

My eyeballs are barely opening, and she hits me with what essentially boils down to:

"Would you mind trudging through two feet of snow covered with birdseed, throw a towel over a woodpecker, and snip the netting so it will go free, just after waking up?"

Yes. Yes I would mind. Very much so.

I'm not entirely thrilled with getting my hand near fluttery panicky clawy and pecky bird to snip at the netting, but in order to actually see what the heck I'm doing, I actually have to get my face in there too. I don't care if he's supposed to be calm and docile with a towel over his head, this is still not a recipe I like the sound of.

But I try anyways. =P I don't get the bird in the towel, I'm up to my thighs in snow - "You should have warn your boots!" isn't helping when it's that high - and every time I go near the bird he starts flying around. I make a few snips, I don't even know if I got the netting, because I'm not getting my eyeballs close enough to tell. I eventually say screw it trudge back through the snow mounds...

Don't they have people whose job it is to do things like this? Call them, don't send half awake blind man...

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Since I am feeling bad about leaving the bird out there, I geared up, with a clearer, non sleep-fogged brain, with covering what I could, and trudged back out there. The snips I had managed to make in the netting, plus his own struggles, got the bird free, and he's long gone.