March 9th, 2007


Hello, Hell Restaurant?

Well, the plan was to dine in Hell.

Instead, I dined in Friendly's.

Planned to see 300 at a matinee today...well, Number 23, actually. However, since there was no matinees for the one I wanted to see, I figured I'd see 300, since I have some slight interest, it does look pretty, and everyone will be talking about it.

Almost in the car, and remember I need to check when the movie gets over so the parental overunits can come pic me up. Hit Google, check times...notice there's not any listing for a matinee, and quickly check paper again. What I *thought* said Daily through Thursday, actually said Daily: Sat - Thurs. Damnit. =P

So, go back to the car, we decide to hit the city anyways, since they had errands to run... Upshot, I got caught up on comics, at least until this week's books get here.

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