January 27th, 2007


Comics Next Week

Amazingly, a skip week. Which is the first in, what? Six months?

52 Week #39
Annihilation #6
Blue Beetle Vol 6 #11
Jack Of Fables #7
JLA Classified #32 (Was miscredited when it went up, so I didn't order it at the time.)
JLA Classified #33
Ms Marvel Special
Teen Titans Vol 3 #43
Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham Crisis #1
Wizard Comics Magazine #185 Heroes Photo Cvr
X-Men Vol 2 #195


How I Met My Mother

So, I recently got into the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother".

Saw the DVD set on Amazon for 20, and that was a good price, so I grabbed to catch up on the season I missed.

Finished it up, had the set sitting next to me, and my mom comes by. She picks the set up, looks it over. "This show, How I Met Your Mother...do you watch this?"

She is holding a set of DVDs for the series. What did she think I did with it, buy a set of coasters?

"...Um, think that through. I have a set. Yes."

"Oh, I think the show is dumb and stupid."

I opened my mouth to point out she doesn't need the redundancy, but just sighed and shook my head. Might still try and convert her, since all she's watched is about half an episode from season two, and almost any episode of anything seems dumb when you only see half the story.