January 16th, 2007


Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from 24

Lesson #603:
Chloe got hotIf you're ever in a car accident, make sure the guy who hit you isn't Jack Bauer. You may just be a terrorist.

Alternately, five seasons years away can really change a guy!

Lesson #604:
You can't hide your secrets forever. Especially from Jack.


Blizzard Lives Up to It's Name

So, I've made plans to raid stores on the off chance SOMEwhere, in my admittedly limited number of locales to check, that has my coveted Burning Crusade CE.

So what does it do?


Which is of course delaying said trip, 'til later in the week. Which...kinda defeats the purpose. But does have the added bonus of *maybe* finding a cancelled order, or returned order at an EB.

...Edit before even sending, dad says we're go once he's done doing laundry.

Foenix = Awesome

How awesome is Jason?

In spite of my own incompetence, in spite of Blizzard's shortsightedness, in spite of snow, in spite of every damned thing standing in my way, what was I still able to escape the house, brave the roads, and return home VICTORIOUS with??

That's right. Faith manages. And here it is, in my hot, little hands.

Birds of Grey, you may stand down, and resume your normal lives. Or as normal as you lot get.

Those of you who put up with my whining? Those of you who offered help? You all rock. Each and every person on my friends page rocks. I love you all. I am grinning like a fucking idiot right now.

I go to Wal-Mart, strike one. No big surprise.

Walk the length down to EB Games. Not expecting much of anything. Store is empty, one guy behind the counter, I look around. "So tell me, is there any way you can miraculously transform the wad of cash within my wallet, into a Burning Crusade collector's edition?"

The guy pauses for like a minute, just staring at me. My eyes slowly rise up, and finally, "I like you. So..." reaches behind the counter, and pulls out the giant green box of coolness, and the grin on my face... Asked if I wanted a WoW strategy guide, or a pin, or something...foisted over the two bucks for a Warlock pin, since the guy was good enough to supply me with my fix, when he really didn't have to.


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