January 12th, 2007


Lost and Found

The most powerful camera ever sent into orbit around Mars has spotted yet another lander lying lifeless on its surface: Mars Pathfinder, which operated for three months in 1997. It may also have found the mission's tiny rover, Sojourner, which appears to have crawled towards Pathfinder after the lander had already died.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which arrived at the planet in March 2006, has previously spotted four spacecraft on the planet's surface – the current rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, and the twin 30-year-old Viking landers.



Oh for... ULTIMATE Ronin, now? Damnit, Brian. NO ONE CARES. Take your damned pet project and go elsewhere! We didn't care who Ronin was the first time, we cared even less when he was revealed, and we're not looking forward to playing the "Who is Ronin??" game *again* in a few months. But that's ok! Just cram him down our throats in a THIRD incarnation!

And Ultimate Ronin shows just how bankrupt and pointless the whole "Ultimate" line has become.