January 10th, 2007


The Internet is for Porn

And some folks have realised that because the Wii and PS3 have web browsers...they're for porn too.


It's the people that are trying to blame the game consoles and don't want to accept responsibility for this that drive me nutty.

"Some porn sites are advertising they are "Wii Friendly."" Does amuse me, though.


X-Men Has Been Berry Berry Good to Me

Halle Berry won the Favorite Female Action Star at the American People's Choice Awards on Tuesday night -- and hinted that she might not be done with Storm after all.

"This is incredible," Berry said in accepting the award. "I had no idea that you guys loved Storm so much. Thank you."

Berry then asked the audience if they wanted to see an X-Men 4. Responding to cheers, she suggested they write 20th Century Fox chairman Tom Rothman.

"And you will get another one, and I'll be there, too," she said.


Dad: Damnit, I can't get these things out of the toaster!

Mom: Well, get a fork then!

Me, whimpering: Please unplug the toaster first...

No wonder I stuck my finger in light sockets as a kid. =P