January 9th, 2007



Blizzard mocks me.

"We're selling some copies of the collector's edition!"


Slow as molasses site, fight through it, get all my info put in...PO Box bad, fine, use street address...

They won't let me have a different billing and shipping address, damnit, so I can't order right now. XP

*hits head on the desk*

*Hits Head on Desk*

So, my mom volunteers to call the bank and straighten things out for me, since they know everyone down at the bank.

Yay, right? Except my mom doesn't do what I want and CHANGE the address, but rather adds to it, so now it reads "PO Box + Street Address" or maybe "Street Address + PO Box" I don't really know.

So, I've got Blizzard telling me the address doesn't match up, but if "PO Box" ends up ANYwhere in the fields, it throws it out, because they won't ship there. Which I knew would happen. =P And since they need an exact address, probably, I can't really put in an exact address. Or maybe the change just hasn't gone through yet. Ahh, computers.

And they don't open 'til noon my time so I can call and try and deal with a reasonable person. And I hate to pester the bank.



Blizz sold out and removed the items from their store while I slept, and was waiting for my address change to propogate through the system.