January 5th, 2007


Getting Lost

Evangeline Lilly has hinted she will quit ‘Lost’ unless the show’s fans stop hassling her, according to the U.K.’s Life Style Extra. The actress is growing weary of the constant attention she receives from followers of the program and admits she sometimes considers walking away from her role as sexy fugitive Kate in the hit series

Crappy Feet

My mother, as obsessed as she as about any movie with talking animals in it, bought a children's colouring and activity book for the movie Happy Feet.

She got stumped on a maze in the book. ;)


A Rose by Any Other Name

*smacks forehead*

I'm amused by people who are quitting watching Doctor Who because Rose won't be on the show anymore.

This just strikes me as bizarre, considering the number of different companions, the number of different *DOCTORS* the show has had...