January 3rd, 2007


Storm Warning


In two weeks, I am very likely going to be cancelling my World of WarCraft account.

This saddens me for many reasons. I have been a Blizzard fan since the beginning. I've bought copies of all their games, including the Lost Vikings. If Starcraft: Ghost ever came out, I would have bought a GameCube so I could play it. I own all their collector's editions that have come out to date.

Those of you immersed in WoW lore are probably starting to see where this is going, yes?

Yeah, I'm determined to get a collector's edition for the Burning Crusade expansion set released on the 16th. Now, some of you may be asking why didn't I reserve a copy? Well, I tried.

See, I've got this thing. I can not, and will not put money down and reserve something before there is a release date. Especially with Blizzard. I would have reserved the thing how long ago, and had the date pushed back how many times by now? And however unlikely, what if something happened and the game was cancelled? I will not waste the store's time, or mine, until a set date has been made, and things are actually going to happen.

So, Blizzard finally got around to announcing the date. I made my way to the nearest EB Games as soon as possible, since they're the only place that sells video games that I can get to, and takes reservations.

What am I told? "We sold out of it three months ago". I'm sorry, but that's a load, IMO. Three months ago, nothing existed. That would be around August or so when they sold out. So naturally I hit the internet, and even they've ceased taking orders.

Yet, I held out hope. Maybe Blizzard would realise there were millions of people who wanted copies, and make more. No such luck. I made a stab today, to beg and try again at EB. He did his best to try and sell me on a regular edition, and reserve that. Why reserve a regular edition? It's not what I want, and I don't want to waste the money to 'tide me over' until/if I can find some way of getting one between now and then. Wal-Mart may have a few I can get on 16th, if luck is with me. And if the stores are sold out of the regular then? They'll make more. It's silly to reserve.

I will continue to try and get one over the next few weeks, and do a lot of running around on the 16th, and continue my efforts to get one after, on the slim chance in hell that someone didn't want a copy after all and doesn't pick it up, and it goes back to the public.

But if I can't get a copy, why should I keep my account? All my friends will have the new game, since they lucked out, or didn't want the special stuff.

I've defended Blizzard through a lot. I've been a staunch supporter. This whole thing has soured me on them, really. They've always been VERY good to the fans, but I see that's changed, since this move isn't for the fans, but for the money. Which reminds me. If anyone reading this is getting multiple copies? Like six? (I've seen people gloating they reserved this many, so they exist) You can go straight to hell. You suck. You don't need that many copies, and are an asshole for depriving others of the product.

I'd yell directly at Blizzard, but they've not made it easy to contact anyone outside of tech support.

On the upside, I save 70 bucks! And 15 a month!

I may just be venting. I want one last childish tantrum before I turn 30. ;p But the situation does piss me off. Needed to flail the arms and scream.
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