December 26th, 2006

Burn the World

Merry Fucking Christmas

In the words of Denis Leary...

So, 3am, the internet dies.

I call, go through the usual crap I've already done to try and fix it. They report there's a problem.

I call again 12 hours later. I don't care that it's the 24th. Not everyone celebrates, fix the damned internet! I'm told they've been getting a lot of calls, it should be fixed shortly.

...So, here's the 26th, and someone finally got off their ass and decided to fix the problem.

Of course, I doubt anyone noticed.

Bean me!

Sinister Happenings

"X-Men #200 by Mike Carey will be the centerpiece of a massive X-Universe crossover between all the X-titles and will see the return of classic X-men antagonist, Mr. Sinister."