November 30th, 2006

Burn the World


So, this has been a crappy week.

I won't bore everyone with details, since it feels like whinging, and it's just a bunch of little things nibbling away at me and driving me bughouse all at once.

Yes, that's right.  An LJ post about how sucky things are, without the whine. =D

Let's just say one of the nibbles got me to write my very first congress critter.


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Oracle calling all agents. ;p

I've got someone looking for a song, and I know dick about modern music.

well, the verses are sung by a guy, the chorus is sung by a girl who hits some VERY high notes
Do you remember any lyrics? ;)
the only lyrics I can really remember are the chorus where the girl sings "all I want, all I want" and then it becomes indistinguishable
during one of the verses the guy says "we are the ones who........" this and that


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I just got accused of being Reginald Hudlin *and* Greg Land.

Blaming people for things they didn't do without evidence must be the new hip thing and no one told me.

I'm too tired to toss around joking accusations at my friends here.  Except Jim.  Jim loves the X-Men.

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