October 27th, 2006

Burn the World

Hip-Deep in Blood

This week, I got in the mail, Night of the Living Dead: Millennium Edition, and went out and bought (Which is a story all its own...) Slither, Saw II Uncut, and Reservoir Dogs.

I am neck-deep in Gore Week in my house. =D

And I'll be seeing Saw III shortly.

I'm a happy bloodthirsty Foenix.

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Renew! Renew!

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Four more new series -- ABC's "Help Me Help You," "The Nine" and "Men in Trees" and NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" -- have received orders for additional scripts.

In a stark contrast this year, aside from the two shows that already have been canceled -- CBS' "Smith" and NBC's "Kidnapped" -- virtually every other freshman show on the Big Four has received an order for additional scripts, including all the new Fox series: "Vanished," "Standoff," "Justice," "'Till Death" and "Happy Hour," NBC's "Friday Night Lights" and "Studio 60," ABC's "The Nine" and "Help Me," with NBC's "30 Rock" also close to an extra scripts pickup.

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Fuller of It

Nice interview with Bryan Fuller, creator of Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, where he talks about that, Heroes (Which he writes for), the recent Carrie remake, and the Amazing Screw-On Head cartoon.

Lots of fun stuff, and an interesting look at how things can go wrong with production.