September 26th, 2006



So yeah, big surprise, I watched the new NBC series, "Heroes". Almost everything I've seen looked good, and it was giving me a vibe like Rising Stars, with "superpowers in the real world" and that has so far been borne out, in the pilot.

As far as pilots go, this was actually pretty strong. The characters aren't entirely two dimensional, and there is huge potential and mysteries around to fill the show up for awhile, and possibilities aplenty. This show could go almost anywhere.

The dialogue sadly, doesn't quite pop. It's just kinda...there. The characters have distinct voices, but the words coming out of their mouths are pretty bland. Shows like Babylon 5, and Whedon's stuff, and some others, have spoiled me I guess.

I need someone to bring the snark in this show, and fast! ;)


Bitch and Mona

Scientists are set to reveal some of the secrets behind one of our most enigmatic paintings, the Mona Lisa.

On the one hand, I love finding things out, but on the other, it's a bummer to lose a little mystery.