September 16th, 2006


Bolted On

NRAMA: If you had one takeback, and no reasons needed to explain your action, and could reach back in time and adjust/tweak/correct/remove one project, what would it be?

JQ: The Thunderbolts revamp. No offense to the creators, it was just a bad internal decision to try to revamp the title.

Comics Next Week

52 Week #20
Astonishing X-Men #17
Birds Of Prey #98
Checkmate #6
Civil War #4 Reg Cover
Civil War X-Men #3
Exiles #86
SE7EN #1 Gluttony
Shadowpact #5
Superman #656
Union Jack Vol 2 #1
X-Factor #11

Not really worth ordering, but has a bunch of my favourite books so...might as well.



When mIRC starts, and it logs on to a server, it's always made a sorta 'beep' with the notices. That's stopped. =P This sound is also played when someone messages me, so having it suddenly disappear is quite inconvenient...