September 11th, 2006


I Know You're Out There

Alan Davis' ClanDestine returns after Alan Davis finishes off FF: The End. =D

Nova ongoing series, Quasar mini, more stuff with the Heralds and Super-Skrull...good cosmic Marvel news.

Hulk comes back to Earth, pissed off, and kicking off the big thing for 2007, World War Hulk. I'm oddly excited for this. Hulk pissed and smashing? Yes please.

JMS taking over Thor...

Whedon and Michael Ryan taking over Runaways should be cool. With normal art, I might finally check it out. And spinning Excelsior/Loners off into their own book sounds fun.

Was originally just about ClanDestine, but there was actually a lot of cool news. Woo. =)

Photoblog: Dragon*Con 2006!

Finally got 'em uploaded!

Here is all my pictures from Dragon*Con, not counting the parade on Saturday morning.

I'm uploading those seperately, as a set all their own, since that has enough photos, 100+ to be it's own set.

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