August 20th, 2006

Burn the World


So, my mom was microwaving popcorn...

I don't really need to continue this story any further, do I? =)

Put it in for three minutes, and walked away. I'm dilligently sitting here, typing away and chatting about Birds of Prey and Veronica Mars, and I sudden;y hear the microwave making the strangest noise. Now, strange noises and our microwave aren't exactly unheard of. My family is insane and has set glasses all around the microwave, since ther's no better place to store them, I guess. When the microwave gets going, these sometime vibrate, especially if they're touching the microwave. I've done my best to minimize this effect, since the vibrational tones drive my ears buggy.

So, I turn, and am going to get up and play with the glasses, or whatever else is vibrating...and boy do I see a big-ass cloud of smoke.




"Whaaat?" She's standing much closer, if not in the smoke at this point...


"What??? WHERE??"

And then the cursing begins.

What is the most amusing thing? NONE of the smoke detectors went off, and this house was filled with smoke.

While there was no actual fire, and I didn't see any flames myself, "FIRE FIRE FIRE" got my point across a whole lot quicker than "Oh gosh, that microwave sure is putting out an awful lot fo smoke now, isn't it?"

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