August 5th, 2006


WWC Day Two: And then, the Ice Weasels Came

Concious. Fed. Caffeine at my hand. Waiting in the 2nd floor lobby on the laptop to stop any familiar faced. With my vision, that's more like waiting for them to stop and shout my name. Or Foe. Foe works. As aj discovered last night coming down the escalator.

I've met up with her, lyssie, niquem abd the mighty dreagoddess. As well as many strangers. Which there's a funny story there... Later.

Went to the Marvel panel, Civil War panel, and DC Nation panel yesterday. Forgot my recorder at the first Marvel panel, and I am so kicking myself, because it was hilarious. Especially Peter David, but even Rob Liefeld...who showed up late with an Onslaught toy, and a Captain America figure as well, "With a smaller chest than I draw!"

The DC panel also had quite a good number of laughs, as these things tend to do. I've had a great time so far. There seems to be less programming, and everything is just less hectic. Sure, less to do, but more time to wander, chat, and no rushing madly between panels like I found the first year, when I never even got to Artists Alley. I'm still on my quest to get a Miss Martian sketch from Tony Daniel, but that should go well today.

More to come!

Cassandra Cain will be pn Titans East.

Things I've Learned in Chicago

Keith Giffen is the biggest stud of the DCU.

Just because you can get somewhere in ten minutes, doesn't mean everyone else packed between here and there will LET you.

I love WiFi.

Persistance when trying to get a sketch can sometimes pay off.

Hotel TV sucks. (Ok, I learned that one last time.)

And now I have a few hours to kill before the Vertigo panel, so I'm gonna bounce between my room and the L2 lobby, once my laptop fully charges, if anyone in the area is looking for me. I'm done floorwalking for now.

Edit: Oh, and don't drop the voice recorder. I lost the first half-hour of the DC panel I was at. =P