July 20th, 2006

Burn the World


Mom's in the hospital. Had some fluid in the chest cavity that had built up, and they drained, but it's already coming back two weeks later, and she had a checkup today, and they found the returned build up, and something wrong with the right side of her heart, so they're keeping her for a few days, to fix the fluid, find out what's going on, and fix the other forty-seven problems wrong with her.

Note, the last line there is hyperbole.

There's only 42 things wrong.


IT Ninja

Dork Watch

How nerdy am I?

Well, first off, I dream VERY rarely. Until recently, I had gone years without remembering my dreams (I wonder if this may have had something to do with my health issues, but that's another post entirely...), but they're slowly increasing in frequency.

And what do I dream about, after this long, long drought?

That I'm sitting in and testifying on Congressional hearings about the whole Net Neutrality issue.

Including guest appearances by This Week in Tech's John C. Dvorak and Netscape something or other, Jason Calocanis.


Riff Raff

Mike Nelson, of MST3K fame, has started a new project, called Rifftrax. You rent/buy/own a DVD, then buy and download the corresponding mp3 riff track by Mike, and listen to it as you watch the movie. Current project is Road House.

MST3K sorta lives!