July 19th, 2006


Blood Bank

Studies show mosquitoes are more attracted to people with blonde hair

THAT is why I don't like blondes! I don't want to compete with the mosquitos for their blood!

*pulls around his cape and files his fangs*


Phoenix Rising

So, what seems like ages ago, I ordered Marvel's then-upcoming Dark Phoenix t-shirt. At the time, it was going to ship in April, and I thought, oooh, that will be GREAT to have with the cons I was attending, right?

So, April rolls around, no shirt, I'm getting anxious, because I've wanted a nifty Phoenix shirt for AGES, and an official one at that, despite my love for the Phoenix Logo shirt beverly_mcintyr made for me. The site said the shirt is 'delayed'. Ok, fine. I can deal with that for a bit, although the mind boggles at how a tshirt gets delayed. Heck, they're showing the image on the site, it ain't THAT hard to take image and slap onto a shirt, I could do it myself at this point.

Time flows ever onward, and I go from anxious to annoyed. I poke around occasionally and see other stores selling the shirt (Heck, one even has it on back orders, they've sold out of their stock!), and a few folks on eBay as well. I continue to let it slide, figuring the store will get in a box shortly, since other stores have. It's now a month since THAT, and three months since the shirt was 'supposed' to be out at this place. I find another store online, and I just emailed Comic Fusion telling them to cancel my order, because "despite you saying the shirt is delayed, other stores have it, so I have chosen to give them my business."

Under most circumstances, I probably would have continued to wait, because I'm patient, and hate cancelling and redoing orders, especially if there's no easy way to cancel outside of emailing of phone calling. But with the conventions weeks away, I decided I want my damned shirt. =P

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