July 15th, 2006

IT Ninja

Screw You

Do you like quirky, witty, bizarre stuff? Did you like the Tick? Did you like Hellboy? How about a little bit of steampunk stylings? All mixed together in a totally unique way?

Then you should definitely check out the Amazing Screw On Head.

Scifi Channel has put up the entire pilot episode, and it's just fantastic.

Watch it.

Let Scifi Channel know what you think afterwards wit the survey.


Comics Next Week

52 Week #11
Annihilation Nova #4
Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #43
Cable Deadpool #30
Checkmate #4
Civil War #3 Reg Cvr
Civil War X-Men #1
Crisis Aftermath The Battle For Bludhaven #6
Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special
Eternals #2 Reg Cvr
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #2
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10
Justice League Of America #0 Reg Cvr
New X-Men #28
Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook
Shadowpact #3
She-Hulk 2 #9
Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #20
Superman Batman #28
Transformers Stormbringer #1 Figueroa Wrap Cvr
Uncanny X-Men #476
Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters #1
Witchblade #100 Silvestri Cvr
X-Factor #9


Miss Ogyny

You know...I'm growing rather tired of the whole "Oh my GOD comic writers are misogynists!!" with DC being the most frequent target. This festering wound in my brain has been brewing since Identity Crisis, and every time a woman is hurt, killed, looked at funny, or sneezed in the general direction of, someone pipes up with how misognyst DC is. Completely ignoring the fact that there's plenty of men being fucked around with as well.

I didn't see a single person bitching that Tim Drake's dad was dead because he was *gasp* male. (Yeah, they bitched because they killed Tim's dad, but that's another rant entirely)

Not every female being harmed is some part of any overriding male agenda. Heck, I'd say most of them aren't. I'd even be so bold as to say NONE of them are. Outside of Dave Sim, but he's mister lunatic fringe sometimes. The majority of characters are male. The majority of the audience is male, hence they write characters of the same sex to better identify with. When villains strike, you go after loved ones, and those tend to be...females. And since villains are BAD GUYS, they do, oh, I dunno, BAD THINGS. This isn't really a hard thing to figure out. No one complains when Jimmy Olsen gets shoved in a refrigerator.

This was kicked up because someone on wank_daily...er, scans_daily posted scans from Brave New World where Mary loses her powers, and plummets. They assume Mary is going to die, although such a thing isn't revealed, or even alluded to, outside of falling from a great height. So not only is their rant annoying, but based on VERY incomplete info and thus VERY likely to be wrong, since this was an eight page 'story' setting up the upcoming 12 issue Shazam miniseries. There's nothing I find more annoying than comic fans getting up in arms because of things they're just assuming out of half, or 1/15th, of a story. My favourites are the ones who see a cliffhanger and bitch, when things get tied up nicely and to their satisfaction within a page or three of the next issue.

And thus I now duck and cover as every female on my friends list takes a pot shot at me. ;)
I shall use my Batwoman icons to incur more wrath!
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