July 10th, 2006


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With $132 million, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest broke the three-day opening record previously held by Spider-Man ($114.8 million). Not only that but the sequel's Friday take of $55.5 million was the highest single-day gross ever (passing Revenge of the Sith's $50 million), and it also became the first movie ever to gross $100 million in just two days, making $100.2 mil by Saturday night.

Hot damn.

And that was estimated. Actuals came in at 135 million. =D


I Know a Bot...

I love having fun with bots that randomly message me, and start throwing gibberish at them, to see if they respond normally.

lisaaccnt12: im 27/f/USA. was oookin at your profile. thought you might like to chat.
lisaaccnt12: so what have you been up to zoesaugin?
zoesaugin: Not much.
lisaaccnt12: cool. i was just hangin out watching tv. i was gettong kinda horny :) (*blushes)
zoesaugin: Purple monkey dishwasher?
lisaaccnt12: feel like a little ccyber fun with me ? please please...
zoesaugin: Wumba wumba!
lisaaccnt12: i think ill just take that as a yes... being as that im starting to get reaal horny here.. lol ok?