July 8th, 2006


Comics Next Week

52 Week #10
Annihilation Silver Surfer #4
Annihilation Super Skrull #4
Civil War Front Line #3
Fables #51
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #27
Ghost Rider #1 Reg Cvr
Green Lantern #12
Green Lantern Corps #2
Ms Marvel #5
Squadron Supreme #5
Superman #654
Thunderbolts #104
Toyfare #109 Star Wars Animated Leia Cvr
Transformers Infiltration #6 Reg Su Cvr
X-Men #188 Reg Cvr

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A Parting of the Ways


Where's everyone going?

There's been folks defriending me left and right the last few weeks. I'd ask if I did something, but considering they're gone, I won't really get any sort of answers. ;) Except for the one of you who has come back, and I've already talked with. I don't really care if people don't wanna read my occasional ramblings or silly links, it's just weird as all hell that there's this mass exodus lately. Someone must be spraying anti-Foenix rays into the air. It's the only explanation. I blame Jim and his bio-modem.

But this makes me a sad Foenix.

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