July 2nd, 2006


X-Axis Quote of the Week

From Paul's review of X-Men 187:
As for the art, this isn't exactly Larroca's best work. Even the colourist can't seem to keep track of who's who, and that's hardly surprising given that characters seem to just turn up from nowhere halfway through scene. Then again, it's not helped by some glaring colouring errors that should have been easily caught. Mistaking Emma Frost for Gambit - despite the high-heeled boots and the dialogue - is an eyebrow-raising one.



Wizcago Update

I decided to eat the cost and grab a room by myself for Wizard Chicago. Have my own bed, and someone might pop up in need of a place to crash, either before the con, or just a quieter spot during the convention (Yeah right) so...is no biggie. Sucks, don't *really* wanna, but I'll live.

And this way I can surf porn on my laptop and no one will know.



Keith Giffen's gonna be there, woohoo. =D