June 3rd, 2006


Comics Next Week

This has got to be my smallest week in a freaking year. Not even 20 bucks.

52 Week #5
Annihilation Silver Surfer #3
Civil War Front Line #1
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9
JSA #86
Marvel Team-Up #21
New X-Men #27
X-Men The End Book 3 Men And X-Men #6

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Blaze of Glory

I hate being anal and being twitchy over Johnny Blaze being Ghost Rider, but now looking like the Danny Ketch version of GR, complete with spikes and magical chain whip weapon.

Can Danny come back looking like Johnny? ;)



"I just noticed...when those birds chirp...it's like they're chirping a SONG!"


I need an icon just for my mom, really, I think.


(no subject)

Touching upon a topic from a previous panel, Brevoort said that with the last pages of Civil War #2 "your jaw will be on the floor, and the internet will be aflame."

Which half?