June 2nd, 2006


Fun With 'Buck and Jane

Jane Espenson has gotten a gig writing with BSG.

Hmm, that could be interesting. BSG is darker than her stuff usually is, from what I've seen. Although she does have a bit of an 'edge', it was always tinged with lighter stuff, like on Buffy and such.

I've mostly enjoyed her writing over the last few years so...yeah, this could bring some good stories.

Burn the World

Ready, Aim, Fire!!

Woohoo. =D

Greg Pak is doing a sequel to his Phoenix mini from last year, called Phoenix: Warsong.

Downside? Not art by Greg Land (Covers, please please please covers, at least...)

Upside? More Emma Phoenix. I've embraced this character, just because it makes the fanboys twitch so very much. ;) And the artist they did get, Tyler Kirkman, doesn't suck, although he definitely has that "Top Cow" artist feel.


Fire and Frost

"According to USA Today, "The studio is also exploring a movie with Three Kings director David O. Russell based on the character of Emma Frost, a sexy mutant telepath who can transform her skin into diamonds. She is an X-Men comics regular but was not featured in the movies." They also note the idea of a film focusing on just the young students at Xavier's school."

Ok, as much as I love Emma...a MOVIE for *her*?

That seems...terribly random.