May 31st, 2006


Transform and Roll Out!

Sony BMG Entertainment announced the upcoming release of Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD, which will hit stores in November. The DVD commemorates the anniversary of the animated classic film and is timed to the debut of a Transformers Classics line of action figures.

The new DVD will include special features and behind-the-scenes footage developed with input by and for fans of the franchise, the company said, including interviews, interactive games and collectible packaging.


I must be in an odd mood, and answered outside of my norm.

You Are Rogue

You're reluctantly special. In fact, you long to be normal.
You consider your powers to be a curse, and something you can't control.

Powers: absorbing other people's memories and abilities, weakening and killing people with your touch


*head explodes*

I'm terribly amused how almost every post I've made to scans_daily lately has been guaranteed to have, within the first five posts or so, to have someone bitch about the unrealistic costumes, either being 'too tight' or high heels, or whatever.

I'm terribly sorry, but after all this time, people are no longer allowed to be surprised at unrealistic costumes on comic characters. ;)

Next post, I'm tempted to put a disclaimer, "Yes, there are high heels! Welcome to superhero comicbooks. Get over it."

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