May 29th, 2006

Burn the World


I get why some folks don't like Scott, but once in awhile, someone will put forth comments on that viewpoint that are just SO far from correct it boggles my mind.

Idea: Cyclops and Iron Man come to mind as examples of "giant douche"-type characters who people somehow still seem to like.
Jason: ...
Idea: Cyke is also a bit self-important, though, and generally thinks that his (or Chuck's) ideals are the only right ones.
Idea: He's not a bad character at ALL, but he isn't a very nice guy for the most part.
Jason: Scott is SO very not a self-important character.
Idea: He can be. It's not constant, but he can be.
Jason: Not...nice? Ok, you have NO clue who Cyclops is.

Self important? Not very nice?! SCOTT? We're talking about the guy with the vision problems, not the one with the knives, right? ;)


The Last Few Days

I've been able to predict every conversation started over the last few days with nearly infallable accuracy. Mostly via IRC. I'll get the little beep of an incoming message. And it starts with a variation of Hi, and then the natural questions that don't really need to be asked anymore. ;)

"Have you seen X-Men 3 yet??"

YES!! GAH! Of *course* I've seen it. I could deal with it on Friday, maybe Saturday, but folks still asking me obviously don't know me that well, damnit. ;)

"Did you stay through the credits??"

Again, yes. Considerably less annoying, but again, folks who know me, would expect me to know this ahead of time. And if I didn't, I would have found out soon enough, from everyone ELSE who saw the film and asked me if I've seen it!

I know things, damnit! ...Fuck, I'm Layla Miller.

All in good fun. Y'all are exempt. ;)