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52 Week #4
Action Comics #839
All New Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A To Z #5
Amazing Spider-Man #532
Angel Spotlight Gunn One Shot Stamb Cvr
Battlestar Galactica #0 Photo Cvr
Books Of Doom #6
Crisis Aftermath The Spectre #1
Essential Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition Vol 2 TP
GI Joe vs Transformers Vol 3 Art Of War #3 Cvr A
Iron Man The Inevitable #6
JLA Classified #21
Lucifer #74
Rising Stars Untouchable #4
Son Of M #6
Thing #7
Transformers Infiltration #5 Wildman Cvr
V For Vendetta TP
Wizard Comics Magazine #177 Sin City 2 A Jolie Cvr


Parking Lot

This will have very limited interest to folks, but there's a few friends reading this that know what I'm on about.

While wandering around Rutland yesterday, waiting for X-Men 3 to kick off, I made my way to the Bardwell Park, for those that don't know, is a small alcoved between a number of buildings downtown, with the groudn covered in bricks, and some really pretty murals still on the walls.

caellum and I, and John, and other assorted friends, went there a few times, and it was just this nifty little place buried in the city, that was nifty. I hadn't been able to find the time to get there for ten years, and it brought back tons of memories. I need to run up there with my camera someday soon. Preferably with a burly escort, since the place has kinda become an occasional haven for gangs. That's mostly at night though, but I'd still be leary of wandering in there with my 'spensive camera. ;)



A Cincinnati man who claims he's a vampire is planning to protest a new fast food sandwich made with garlic.

The man says White Castle has "angered the undead" with its new garlic cheese sandwich.

He plans to picket the Queensgate White Castle location on Sunday.

9News got this information from a media release sent by a public relations firm.