May 26th, 2006


X-Men 3

Non Spoilery.

I liked it.

As you may note, there is less squeeing in this post than there was a few years ago when the second film came out.

So yeah, the movie had a few problems, but overall it came togteher pretty well, and there were a ton of great moments. The moments just didn't have a lot of great framework to hang off of.

A lot of it felt like it was just going through the motions, and there wasn't as much heart as there could have been. This movie was rushed on many levels, and frankly, it shows.

But it's still good.

IT Ninja

Junk Tech

The top 25 (Bottom?) worst tech products of all time.

Some expected faces on the list, to be sure, but I was actually surprised by #1. AOL may have a lot of problems, and weird practices, but to call it the worst tech product ever? Come on, that just reeks of agenda.