May 13th, 2006


Comics Next Week

A small week! Not ordering! Saving these 'til next week!


It's been so long!

52 Week #2
Annihilation Nova #2
Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #42
Ares #4
Captain America Vol 5 #18
Fallen Angel #5 IDW Reg Cover
Marvel Legacy 1970s Handbook
Ms Marvel #3
Shadowpact #1
X-Men #186
X-Men Fairy Tales #1


Delayed Reaction

Note: Presidential address on Monday will delay the finale of Prison Break and the next episode of 24 by 20 minutes each, and NBC is delaying its schedule by 25 minutes that night, for the Deal and Apprentice fans out there. CBS hasn't announced any plans for delays yet, but I'd expect them to do the same.

Keep an eye out, in case Skippy decides to jabber on for a while longer, though.


That OJ'll Kill Ya!

O.J. Simpson is appearing in a pay-per-view reality show in which he disguises himself as an Elvis impersonator, a street-corner fruit seller, an elderly man at a Bingo game and as himself, trying to sell the Bronco used in the "slow chase" that ended with his arrest on charges of murdering his ex-wife, according to the syndicated Inside Edition, which aired the Bronco segment on its Thursday-night edition. The show, titled Juiced, is due to air on pay-per-view this month and will be followed by the release of a DVD.