April 24th, 2006


Penn is Mightier

I dropped Penn Jillette an email (At his radio show/podcast address) about the stupid review of last week's Bullshit, and his cohost finally wrote back to me. =D Was a cool thing to get. He theorised that the reviewer was drunk. *grins*


Oh Heck Yes

And I probably did this already. ;)

Your Birthdate: January 29

You have the mind of an artist, even if you haven't developed the talent yet.
Expressive and aware, you enjoy finding new ways to share your feelings.
You often feel like you don't fit in - especially in traditional environments.
You have big dreams. The problem is putting those dreams into action.

Your strength: Your vivid imagination

Your weakness: Fear of failure

Your power color: Coral

Your power symbol: Oval

Your power month: November