April 11th, 2006



So, Keifer Sutherland has signed on for three more years of 24, with a paycheck of 40 million (I believe for the three years total.)

Can you picture the contract negotiations?

"You are going to give me 40 million! Do not make me shoot you! 40 million! NOW!!"

"...yessir. Would you like your own parking space too?"


TV Gourd

Flipping through next week's TV Guide, and one of their reviewers decides to bitch about Penn & Teller's Bullshit, and completely loses all credibility in the process.

"Even if you're pro capital punishment, this episode may make you want to kill somebody. A good candidate would be Teller, whose ranting overshadows his arguments."


Teller is the one WHO DOESN'T TALK, you goober. And it's not like that is a hard fact to check.

And if you're pro capital punishment, that means you're FOR the death penalty, so you're ok with killing people. That should be "Even if you're AGAINST capital punishment".

These are really easy errors to have checked, and just made a laughing stock out of this 'review' for me.



Ever wanted to see your favourite genre actor in a chef's hat and weilding a lightsabre?

Well, now you can!!

This is one of the odder things I've come across.

I'm stuck in a mix of O.o and "That's cool!".

I love seeing Optimus Primal like that, though. ;)