March 31st, 2006

Burn the World


Ok, this week's episode of Supernatural is hereby my favourite. Not only did they play *three* Blue Oyster Cult songs (In addition to Reaper from a few months ago), but BOC was actually a plot point.

And I recognised the symbol long before the brothers did. ;)

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*glares at the news*

"A scientific study has shown that prayer has no effect on the healing process"

Ok, I'm with you so far. And yay!

"Does science have any business in matters of religion?"

...Wait, what?

Rewind that a minute. The two statements are pretty much mutually exclusive. Whether or not science has a place in religion (Frankly, the more relevant question is the other way around, but I digress...) doesn't really have anything to do with the first. Studies of this sort have a duty to show people trying to get better are wasting their time, because very often, time is very critical in the recovery process. Making this a "religion vs. science OMG!" argument is...dumb. If they did a study showing that hopping on one foot doesn't help cure cancer, is that any more of an attack on Seventh Day Hoppists?

This has been today's attempt to start a fist fight. ;)