March 24th, 2006



No, not really.

For once.

Bones gets a second season, full 22 episodes.

And Hell freezes over. Who let some smart people into FOX?



Arkansas teachers prohibited from using the word evolution, and can only say rocks that date back towards the start of the Earth are "very, very old".

It's crap like this that perpetuates the mythological beliefs of creationists. They stop the real science from being taught, so the people growing up don't know any better. All this is going to do is cause a greater schism as this wrong, stupid information continues to be spread, and the schlubs learning it get left behind, because they think the Giant Sky Bully created the world in seven days, and the world is only a few thousand years old. The more real science is taught, the more these people go away.

Which, really, is only a good thing.

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