January 18th, 2006


Polly Wants a Cracker!

A parrot blows a woman's affair.

The African grey parrot kept squawking "I love you, Gary" as his owner, Chris Taylor, sat with girlfriend Suzy Collins on the sofa of their shared flat in Leeds, northern England.

But when Taylor saw Collins's embarrassed reaction, he realized she had been having an affair -- meeting her lover in the flat whilst Ziggy looked on, the UK's Press Association reported.


Fanstatic Warnings

Be wary, my friends in Canada.

It looks like the Fantastic Four DVD released there, and in other regions, is not the same as the theatrical cut, nor what was released on DVD here.

Discovered this while talking with cyclopsscott as he was watching it, and he was surprised to find there wasn't the scene he rememebred of Reed's kneeling while proposing to Sue. I distinctly rememebred it *was* there, so grabbed a quick cap to prove it to him, and that I wasn't crazy. He rewatched the scene on his own to reconfirm for himself, and once I did some more digging, we found out this isn't a unique situation, and is in fact being done to many DVDs being released, at least in Canada.

All I can say is WTF?