January 13th, 2006


Damn Invaders

They've stayed out of my state thus far, but the time of their invasion appears to finally be at hand, or very near.

Starbucks is eyeballing a location in Rutland to build a store.


And I really was hoping to not explode anything in my own state for 2006...

Article says they have four in Vermont...that's four more than the alst time I checked. Fuuuuck. Fortunately, we have such stringent zoning laws, it'll be fought tooth and nail.

Ask Me No Questions...

From Newsarama...
JQ: It is indeed a new Spidey costume! By the way, Brian Bendis just came by and whispered in my ear, “What can be better than one Avenger’s book?” I just asked him what that meant and he walked away cackling…

I dunno, how about one *good* Avengers book?