January 5th, 2006



Patrick Leahy, senator from my own state of Vermont, was in Batman & Robin...

I heartily apologize...

He's a good guy, really!



In prepping "Annihilation," Giffen re-familiarized himself with many of the old Surfer stories. "I have never done this much research in terms of where the characters have been and continuity as I'm doing on the 'Silver Surfer' and 'Annihilation,'" Giffen explained. "I want to make sure that if I make a move there is a historic precedent for it or an established character trait that can springboard the characters into the actions that I need them to take. If it doesn't work, I won't do it."

There's something you don't hear much these days. =P


More on the Future of Futurama

Talks have begun at 20th Century Fox TV to revive the animated TV show Futurama, much in the same way Family Guy found new life after cancellation, Variety reported.

The studio is in early discussions to put Futurama back in production and create a limited number of episodes of the Emmy Award-winning show, although it's too soon to tell where those episodes might end up. A representative for 20th Century Fox TV declined comment to Variety.

The final original episode of Futurama aired on Fox in August 2003. Since then, the show has found new life and fans via DVD releases and repeatedly high-rated airings on the Cartoon Network.

Before Futurama comes back into being, however, Fox first must secure deals with the show's production team, as well as voice stars Billy West (Fry), Katey Sagal (Leela) and John DiMaggio (Bender).
IT Ninja

WMF Vulnerability Update

Microsoft has put out an official patch, so I urge everyone to check and get it updated NOW. This is a pretty big vulnerability, folks. Make sure your system is secure.

If you already installed the unofficial Ilfak patch I linked to earlier at GRC, uninstall and reboot first, before installing MS's patch.