January 1st, 2006

IT Ninja

Virusy Badness

There's a HUGE exploit for every version of Windows since 98 going around. It affects all those versions, and is not browser-specific, and is likely now finding ways to come through e-mail. It's coming in 50+ varieties so far, and Windows has yet to offer a patch. If they're smart, there will be one shortly, but MS only releases patches on the second Tuesday of the month, and that is over a week away. With the speed with which this is spreading new versions, it is imperative that you take precautions now until MS gets off their ass.

The link above has better info, and a number of fixes to tide you over until MS can be bothered.

Remember, keeping viri off your system is good for Everyone.



Interested in what legal rights you have as a photographer to take and publish photos? Yeah? Click the link, skippy.

Goes to a brief writeup for a USA Today writer's quest for just such a thing, links to his column about it, and a PDF put together on what is most likely those rights. Not being a lawyer, he does warn to take these with a smidge of salt. Just in case.