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Some Links

First, this bit from the Idiot Files. TV producers want to base a new reality series in a rehab clinic.

This picture is just strange.

Bicyclist shoots lighting out his ass, or something like that.

UGH! NO!! Publishers scan Douglas Adams' PC for any novel remnants they can finish and publish.

Pig-killing on Survivor spurns Australia to make new laws.

The Swedish answer to rabbit overpopulation. Alan, pull the troops out!

Bring back theclassic way Subway cuts their subs!

I...I'm at a loss. Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter

Malaysia bans heavy metal music to combat the rise of satanism. Might call this a bonus from the Idiot Files...

For the Paranormal Pile: How Bigfoot Works.

Silly things fans bitch about.

President Bush tells visits Britain, and informs school children that the White House is white.

Ok, that's enough for me. I'll be in some other country for the next few years ;P


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