Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 32 - The Dead Talk Back

Another short!  This time the Selling Wizard, a giant ad for refrigeration units for supermarkets.  I love Servo wanting every single thing they showed.  A good send up of the purpose of many of these shorts.

"The first movie filmed entirely with flashlights."

The movie itself is soooo boring.  They completely sapped any and all emotion from the murder by having the cop who would eventually come into the movie to investigate it narrating the first half of the movie.

In fact, this thing is just oddly shot.  It starts off with an introduction from a character who pretty much repeats himself at the end of the movie, and no, not in a good 'bookend' type of manner.  There's some weird shots, randomness...which isn't so much out of the ordinary for a MST3Ked movie, I guess.  But this one hit all the tropes.  And with the weird writing, I would swear Ed Wood had his hand in this thing.

"The interrogations went on for six days..."  And this movie makes you feel every single second of them...

Tags: mst3k

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