Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Getting Lost

Just watched the first episode of Lost Girl.

Not gonna do an 'official' Let's Talk post, since to the perspective of EVERYONE ELSE on the planet, I am way behind the curve... But that said, I do have some thoughts on the show, and someone might be interested in what I think of it.

That was...actually a LOT of fun.  Not super great, but it made me smile, and had juuust the right amount of cheese to show they know they're cheesy and not try and play things TOO seriously, which is the right kind of balance this show needs.

It has enough mystery of an overall plot to be interesting, can do simple enough weekly mysteries.  Good stuff.  Bo's questions about herself, her life, and everything else...she finally has answers, and they've opened up a whole SLEW of questions she never even thought of.  I love that, and she's a strong, confident woman.  More of those, please...

Speaking of, Kenzi was fuuuun.  My pre-show love based on what little I'd heard of the character was totally justified.  Sigh.  I am such a sucker for snarky girls.

But I actually liked most of the main cast, for what little we saw of some of them.  A good mix of personalities and stations, should make for some entertaining shows.

And I was honestly surprised to see that it didn't seem THAT edited.  Not having seen the original version, I can't say for sure, but it seemed pretty intact.  I was not expecting to actually hear Kenzi's "shitty" in the middle of the episode.  Granted, I recorded it at 3am, so maybe they let more slide in the later showings, and things might have been different on Scifi's first run of the show.

Although, this was also the first time I can recall Scifi doing an opening splash screen with all the letter ratings warnings for the show.  They're common everywhere else on tv, and they HAVE done the text and voiceover of 'the following contains adult content' type stuff before, they usually don't spell it out so explicitly.  That's a promising sign.  Hopefully they realised they're NOT beholden to FCC rules, and channels on cable just abide by them out of respect, mostly.  But at 3am?  Let's roll with the unedited, right?

...I really wasn't expecting to ramble on about censoring and warnings, I wasn't.


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