December 25th, 2005


To All My Friends

And even Booster... ;)

Merry Christmas.

Happy Hannukah.

Joyous Noel.

A merry Solstice.

Happy Holidays to each and every one.

And may whatever gods and/or goddesses you believe in smile down upon you with joy and good fortune for the coming year.

Each and every one of you means so much to me, and I rarely say it. You’re the best friends anyone could have, and not have to deal with face to face. ;)

The Botmaster.
The Peacekeepr.
The Shaman.
The Man in the Basement. =)

*phone rings*

And I know it’s my sister, so I grab the phone and say:

“Merry Christmas, we’ve got seven dead reindeer here!”

Laughing for a good two minutes from her, and my mom.

“What about Santa?”

“My lawyers have instructed me not to comment in regard to matters of Santa’s health.”

“So, reindeer for dinner then?”

“Yep! Them’s good eatin’! Mmmm, venison. Lousy Rudolph got away.”


X-Axis Quote of the Week

From Paul’s review of Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four:

For maximum reader confusion, the cover logo actually says Ultimate X4. On seeing it, completists may remember this year's X4 miniseries (or X-Men / Fantastic Four, to use the full name), which was about as entertaining as shattering your kneecaps with a frying pan. Perhaps this is a cunning scheme to lower expectations, in order that we may all the more delighted by the story within.