November 29th, 2005

Burn the World

NNWM 2005 Thoughts

Joys: It's always good to write again, even on a crap little story like Gemini. I love writing, and I love the process, even if I'm not that great. It was very strange writing this story almost completely blind. I usually have some idea of where the story is going when I start something, but I was absolutely clueless this time out, but it was quite the experience. Also loved sharing it here for everyone to read in its entirety. I've never been big on sharing my fiction, since I know I'm good, but lacking in areas, and always feared criticism. There was something freeing about just laying all my cards out on the table. Having everyone not saying anything helped. ;) Loved the feedback I did get though. And finally, completing my first story in...forever. In past years, I've finished NNWM, but never the story that sprung from it. That felt good.

Regrets: Not having a clear plan when I started. I forumlated a semblence of one about halfway through the story, but until then I was writing blind, and I don't much like that. There were a number of times where I feared the story was on the verge of ending, and barely managed to pad it out for longer. I also wish I had developed the parents more, instead of bringing them in towards the very end. I also had plans to drag the story out over the course of several days, but as events just kept happening in the story, everything ended up taking place over a mere 24 hours. Having the parents in it earlier, and holding off on the doppleganger appearing, if I had a more clear plan, would have lessened the padding some, and given better development to the characters.

And now I sleep, to write a comic rant upon waking.
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IT Ninja

Panic in the Sky

Ahhh, a Superman reference.

So, why the panic?

We should all remember the power supply issues from a week and change ago, if we've been paying attention. Today, the lights flickered ever so briefly, and because my UPS is bailing on me (Still bouncing emails back and forth with APC to see if it's battery or the whole unit), so the computer shuts down. Booo.

Boot up the computer, and it freezes before getting to the Windows XP loading screen. Oh no, not again. *glances at the old paperweight from two years ago*

Reset, same thing. A few goes, same deal. Reboot again, and go into the BIOS, it reboots on its own O.o and makes it a little further this time. I reboot again, and finally get into Windows. I had some other things to do requiring the computer to be off, so once I was sure it was ok, I shut things down again, run some tests on the UPS (Not looking good there, by the way), and start the computer back up, and have an almost identical situation as before, eventually getting back into Windows, and here I am.

I am *praying* this is all linked to the battery back up dying, like the computer isn't getting enough power and just horfing randomly on bootup. Otherwise...fuck, I have to try and deal with Alienware's customer support to fix my computer, which I've heard nothing but nightmare stories. And this is a brand new issue, I have had zero problems with this machine, even on powering down as recently as a week ago.

*pokes his chest* You can come back down to reasonable beating speeds, mister...

Suspecting his house's wiring is seriously fucked up if it ain't the UPS. It eats electronics.